Ghost's shop

Ghost's shop
convenience 1.0 5 fairness 1.75 4 trustworthiness 1.8 5

19 smoke arrows, 29 arrows

arent you banned ingame

bruh what

hush I’m going to try to get a appeal becuase I’m not assiociated with hackers anymore lol

Literally no shop

Literally no shop

shush it’s being set up

L bozo

mald because ur bad fr

L bozo :pensive:

never told me how to use femboy furry maid magic

get the fuck out my shop

L bozo cope fr? :clown_face: :sob:

not sure if this is even a shop bruv you have literally nothing lmaoooo

it’s closed fr

m8 why did u even open a shop without any loot lmao

lol I’m the clown for not spending 600 hours on grinding in a unfinished roblox game? hypocrital

Bro has 0 items, ban evades and calls everyone bad :skull:

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mate you worship WoM pvp like it’s a religion stfu

I only have one account that isn’t banned and I only used it once after I got banned and that was because you were being annoying and telling me to hop on wom

That’s ban evading tho :skull: