Giant Sea Monsters


Giant versions of Sea Monsters that warrant 2x more damage for ship weapon attachments (which in my opinion it is still just better for me to use magic that can attack underwater but that’s just my experience on my mage file speaking). Nevertheless, I wonder what this means for Abyssal and higher sea monsters. What would you guys think of a hypothetical Giant Alpha White Eyes? Alternatively our “Alpha White Eyes” could end up being a hypothetical “Massive” variant of White Eyes deeper in the Dark Sea (although even if it was 4x bigger I doubt it would even be Alpha White Eyes in size).

As a side note, I want more ship weapon attachments to be added in the Dark Sea update that aren’t going to be modifier afflicted/affected variants we can get from journeying into the Dark Seas.


‘Alpha’ may have been supplanted as sharks don’t have ‘alphas’. Just being a ‘giant’ version makes more sense, but we might still see it!

I typed something up and an old video popped up in my search bar.
I retract all my statements, not even a Massive Variant of White Eyes that is 8x the size of our current White Eyes would even come close.
Actually saw a video of current White Eyes and now I think it’s a bit more debatable but still.

yeah Alpha White Eyes is immensely larger, if he was to return, I’d imagine he’ll be a superboss sea monster with no Giant variant

Probably an Entry or Mid level Abyssal if I had to guess myself. Although if it’s entry level then it’d set the stage for all Abyssals being “Superboss” level

I’d imagine alpha being apollyon and just, twice the size of AA’s one

this gives me an idea…

a few names ideas:
White Eye prominence
eminence White Eye
άσπρο ιχθύς (white fish) (in greek i think)

Moby dick in ao… When?

Im gonna faint if i see a white eyes that big (no i wont, just gonna be scared af)

I might be wrong but if I remember correctly Alpha White Eyes had around 1 million health (could be more)

Well its a logical boss for players who r lvl 350 (were only 125 currently :sob:)

Our range of damage with a damage build I would assume is 400. Let’s assume that at level 350 our damage increases by 3x to 3.5x (3.5x factoring in better enchantments) so that 400 damage at best becomes 1400. Now remember that Sea Monsters get DR against the player so I think that halves our damage. So we’d be doing 700 damage to a sea monster with potentially 1 million HP which means we need to hit it… ~1429 times

Me, personally, I hope our sea monster equipment becomes much more powerful although I worry about the current stats of our sea monsters right now. In all honesty our current sea monster hunting gear that we can get is more suited for Poison Jaws let alone a normal White Eyes (the 2x damage buff makes it more tolerable to use against normal white eyes but at a certain point I’d still rather use my magic)

in AA at the level of 250 which was aroundish when the alpha existed, you would deal at the absolute most about like 600 damage at the super high end.

AA had much less stat bloat unlike AO rn

crazy how a level 250 AR character does only 600 damage on the super high end of skills while level 125 crystal iron leg warlocks are consistently dealing around 480ish damage per normal attack :skull:

yeah I’d say the lack of enchantments in AA did that

like technically they existed but there was no enchanting npc and enchants were much rarer, not to mention synergy is limited to lightning + water if I remember right and even then it’s rare

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