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I’m planning to write an origin story of an AO character, so here are a few ideas I have, pls tell me what u would like to see:

Orgins of:
-Morden, Iris, Neviro
-King Calvus and Prince Revon
-The Ravenna nobles
-King Octavious Ceasar
-The Generals of Ravenna
-Some random player’s OC
-Chief Alfrin and Estrid
-The fs mentors
-Shell island ppl
-Ravennan Centurions
-Mayor Silly Tilly
-Ruby Roger and his crew
-Rear Admiral Adkins

Rear Admiral Adkins no competition


Adkins beating player OCs

He has only one person who can rival him: ruby roger

Ruby Roger

Ruby Roger… fr…

a story about how she became major or maybe her time being kidnapped would be interesting, the latter you could also write some headcanon lore about Ravenna too

My OC please.

pervnana VS rear admiral adkins

Write about player’s past before escaping from the Order.

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