Give forumers a title that relates with them or just come up with a title

Give forumers titles based on your knowledge about them and the forumers doing.


Biologlol, Aggressor
Cryonical, Arctic Borealis
Millionth Sovereign, Dubious
Jupiter Size, Tetragon
Night’s Depression, Midnight
Snow Magic Catgirl, Lettuce

and you know just think of more titles

Flare, Flaming Catboy

Worshipper of the Scarlet Star, Flare

i have bad memory so just ask and ill give you a title ( if i know you enough, anyway )

The One who is Free, @realisticbanana (he was freed from his perma)

@farerflare, Catgirl.

(post deleted by author)

How many times will I be called a catgirl
I really am one of the forums dwag.

I don’t knowwww!! Maybe, uh, Bio… The… Treasure Chart Enthusiast. :smiley:

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Flare, the blazing meow

bro bio’s ded now

DubiousLittleTyp0, Emperor of the Keys
(i couldnt think of any title better for Typ0)

I’m genuinely sobbing rn :sob: :sob: :sob:

keyboard crusader is wild

i think its cool
nvm i realized how bad of a name that was
ill try to find a better name for yu

how do you like “Emperor of the Keys”

Whole Wheat-stack Haymaker, apizzachef

Farerflare, The Scorching Ember

burgr, god amongst men


Opticalcord, master of the :open_mouth:

(this topic is just a remake of the rename people above you one)

Titles and re-naming people are not the same
and no need to do the person above