Give Kai/Merlot an explosive barrel resistance like bosses

Give Kai/Merlot an explosive barrel resistance like bosses
effort 3.0 1 quality 4.0 1 reasonability 5.0 1

Commodore Kai and architect Merlot should be given a damage reduction against explosive barrels, similar to the thing bosses have.

Details/background on your proposal
Even if vet removing the wall cheese, what about this? I think this montage of Kai getting blown up for experience is a good enough example.

Reason to add/change
Makes sure that players have to be prepared and at a reasonable level to actually fight these two for their items as opposed to cheesing them like this at extremely low levels in order to pick up extremely easy kills like this.

what about when something gets hit by an explosive barrel they can’t be hit by another one for 10 seconds
that way the barrels can still be used for fights but not just used to obliterate enemies instantly.

no it is time to farm kai for 5k fame after update. we need to farm walter.

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