Give me all your gear now!11

you want to give me your gear!!1
give now111!11!

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@SomewhatUnnamed :fr:

fat noob


what do you want? I have a full set of Hard Exiled armor, a Heavy WoJ, a Strong Oathkeeper, and a clean Sunken

sand :fr:


I want bbc

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Wtf man

Im looking at it… OH IM

You’re his skill issue?

That means you have skill issue

Skill issue smh :sunglasses:

The Levelbump™

Jibblet. no.

all of it NOW

jabbu. no.

You may be trying to get stuff from people, but what if I want all of your stuff? :mariomug:

I can offer a hug and 1 Unbelieveaboat coin on the Suncry Discord.

If you want my gear, you have to give me all your gear first for uhhh trust reasons

I have a total of 3 unclean dull defence amulets. Sound good? :mariomug:


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