Give me armor build suggestions

i need ideas for what kinds of armor to put on my water/lightning mage, because right now my build on it is a mess
Gear Builder (build for reference)

i have no idea where i want to take this build, all I know is that I’m a PvE player looking to potentially get into PvP and I do enjoy having the high power but am willing to let it take a hit if having other stats is preferable
also I know armor piercing isn’t great that’s the first thing I’d replace

I have access to every sunken item except sw chestplate

just use aura

I will sell you sw chestplate

if you’re willing to use insanity here’s this

and if not

1 insanity is fine, 2 is not

then just swap out one of the sw items on the insanity option for the option in the no-insanity ver

gotcha, now my main goal would be finding the items with the frozen modifier if i take this build, i’ll see if anyone else has other ideas tho

crystalline and blasted are also good, I just like frozen

Is this the Sunken Warrior Chest your scammed yourself for