Give me savant builds

I need savant builds

100 100 50

(don’t put points in vitality)

or 100 50 100

@key Those are hybrid builds due to having 40% in two stats, not savants.

My recommendations are:
Warlord-Savant build:

  • 60 magic
  • 95 strength
  • 95 weapons

Strength Savant build:

  • 70 magic
  • 130 strength
  • 50 weapons

Weapon Savant build (least recommended):

  • 60 magic
  • 60 strength
  • 130 weapons

Magic Savant build:

  • 130 magic
  • 70 strength
  • 50 weapons


You don’t have imbuement so synergies are harder to pull off, alongside your magic and FS being small. Pretty much just a worse Conjurer at that point.

It’s also good to note that weapon skills aren’t that big by default.

99 101 50 savant (magic is 99, weapon is 50, this is so you can do snow or ice and ash magic with sunken sword and thermo fist but you better land a m1 for 2 stuns) bad idea rn

another one is being stupid as possible doing 110 str 90 magic 50 weapon going 2 magics being DoT magics with thermo fist for more DoT (any 2 magics work) and weapons because its savant

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