Give me your characters so i can put them in Library of Ruina

How is Binah cheesing?

Well not really cheesing per se but she’s pretty damn good at taking on gebura’s move set

i think Binah’s the intended solution for the fight though.

okay so, i just tried red mist

i think

i think ill do R Corp first…

Yeah I’d recommend doing everything around Gebura before taking her on

it was pretty okay, not too hard not too easy

i used malkuth and netzach floor, will probably use the same strategy next time since i was able to feed nikolai and myo to emotion lv 5 last time lol

actually ill think im gonna do the general receptions first, some pages look pretty good

( bleed from dong-hwan and discard from mirea, been wanting to try using discard pages for some times )

Dong-hwan is a very funny scenario of “easy fight, great rewards”

more like…
Fraud-hwan the Grade 9 fixer.

i thought you guys were joking when saying he’s easy

bro was lucky it was a 1v1 or else he would die in one scene :skull:

did you beat the crap out of him with Roland, Gebura or Binah?


i actually tried yesod first cause i was worried

it was unneeded

his combat page, Disgorge Innards will come in handy in future bleed builds.

yeah probably need to replace sayo key page with his too, shes weak to pierce and gebura likes that a bit too much

i am severely traumatized by that 3 dices 0 cost page

nuking the deer


i forgot about their mass attacks

Hydrangea sweeps

still no Randolf and Maxim pages i hate this game

did got all of their mass attacks tho ( which im pretty sure i cant use anyway lmao )

guess i’ll have to do r corp ep 1 again cause ep2 took me like 2 hours ( still less traumatized than sweepers )

What did the Sweepers did to you?

oh no it wasnt hard ( 2nd tries )

just took like 2h30 of my life

don’t remember sweepers taking that long :skull:.

i used netzach floor, so basically tankers vs tankers lmao

thats probably why it took so long for me

Sweepers are like distorted Philip, not really that hard but damn do the fights take awhile