Give regulars the ability to auto-suspend trust level 1 if we flag them enough times

the reason for this is because getting to trust level 1 is very easy to get.
like, you only need to enter 5 topics, read 30 posts and spend 10 minutes reading the posts.
someone who is a troll or a dumbass can easily do that to circurvent the auto-suspend flagging feature for regulars.
see my point now?

regulars getting pseudo-mod against TL0 is mostly just to catch bots and spam accounts

I don’t think this is an issue, regulars hardly ever need to use their permissions. Also TL1 is 90% of the forum, so this could be used on pretty much anyone, not just trolls and dumbasses.

mmm yes,now i can hunt people down if i want

im just worried about any regulars abusing this but its a rule to not abuse your T3 powers soo i dont really see the problem if it was added

ye, you only get 1 chance to change before you are demoted to regular
tbh, i dont think its that good that you get only 1 chance to change, i think thats too little.
maybe 2 or 3 chances before you are demoted is better.

thats why i never put sugestions from #game-discussion or other places into #suggestions, bcus i dont want to take the risk and get warned without knowing it.

ig we could do 3-5 flags each from regulars to go through with a suspension to help prevent abuse a little?

(as in 3-5 seperate people need to flag)

can’t wait to see control-addicts ban people because ‘‘hngggh you’re sus bro hngggh’’

POV:you are very sus

brown lookin kinda sus ngl

wait a moment

Internally there is already stuff done for the amount of people putting flags on a post.