(Giveaway finished u thugs..) NIMBUS update is the WORST UPDATE in ARCANE ODYSSEY HISTORY buzz word BUZZ word buzz word


Sunkens are cool

literally a whole sentence (Axel Angus -Xlycks)

time to try my luck with these beasts

AmyaUri :heart_eyes:


@Zipher u won since u are #44th on the poll please hit me up in dms on discord: Dibse or in forum dms or wherever and tell me when u can claim!! :saluting_face:

legal obligation

i was going to do a wheel but i couldnt be arsed to put 55 people so i just did a random number generator, everyone who replied had voted on the polls so there were no more than 55 people. If it rolled on someone invalid i wouldve rerolled so thats why i didnt deduct any from the pool of 55, i pressed the roll button several times and the final number that came up is who won, i only did this 1 time and didnt skew this in anyones favour, have the clip if needed.


no way (I am busy as of this moment and timezone differences can make this transaction nearly unfeasible)


lmk when u arent busy.

also if it comes down to it i could give the goods to someone you trust in a different timezone and they can give it to you, if it comes to that

aight I’ll remind you later

Congrats zipher

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ok goodbye im never playhing thtis shit game again! !