Glass magic kinda op for exiled farming

i saw someone just murder exiled without angering him by jumping on top of him and spamming flat explosions to get glass shards, what an interesting technique.

Ash is also pretty good since it (the clouds) ignores his iframes

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Acid is really good too.
When you approach him you can use 20 blasts to litter the ground with acid puddles
Acid explosion shockwaves work well too

acid, magma, glass, poison, and ash do this

glass could be considered the best because of bleed stacking with no damage requirement

It’s pretty clear that glass can shatter the Exiled’s HP. The Exiled is transparently not very sharp and leaves a big window for attack. Using Glass Magic is a pane tho

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the damage doesnt count as yours if he dies from the magic’s hazards

obviously, you get him low enough so you can finish him with one blast.

Then you did 1 blast of damage, loot chances are based on damage dealt, not last hit

Say you dealt 1 damage off of a 3000 hp exiled

You now have a 0.003% chance at getting a boss drop