Global messages

As we all know global messages sometimes are just really stupid, but should people be allowed to message a lot of kids with “inappropriate” topics for children. For example the one guy who was advertising his channel on the global messages wasn’t advertising an exactly pg channel(He was swearing and speaking about some other topics…). Or for example doing something like:

"innocent message"

if you do what it says not to you’re linked to nsfw if you click images on google, obviously saying “STOP DONT DO ____” is just trying to bait people into doing it.

But like should this really be allowed through the global messages…? I’m not saying all global messages are bad its just some of them aren’t exactly child safe on a children’s platform.(note: I don’t really care about global messages because I hardly ever read them and usually just delete them after skimming, but I think it is kinda wrong in a sense that this happens sometimes which can expose younger children that kind of stuff. And in the end roblox is a platform for KIDS). Let me know what you guys think about things like this happening.

Saw someone talking about “racism in WoM”, i don’t know where they were getting there information from, but it was in no way correct.


Just an example of why not everybody should get permissions like this

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But I mean something like that is more of a joke compared to something which can actually impact kids so like ¯\ _(ツ) _ /¯ But then whats to say people don’t take that personally, idk, just something to think about.(I mean I assume the nsfw bait one was probably a joke aswell but at the same time it has more of an impact than the “racism in wom one”)

Global messages are stupid imo. I don’t know why people like to spend their robux on something that nobody will remember and something that people will most likely delete since they don’t want to see it.

It’d be a really fruitless process to try and moderate global messages, and the best we can do is just rely on roblox’s filter (as hopeless as that is).

I guess for repeat offenders or particularly bad cases maybe someone with database access could create some sort of message ban or gag system to prevent unsavory global messages? Not sure, just a thought

Just turn notifs off and delete the messages

I wish turning off notifications actually hid messages from the inbox as well its annoying that they can block more important notices like Magic Council messages when your inbox fills up.