Go laugh at this bozo

these goobers :pensive:
try baiting them with a fresh underaged low level account, always works


the demon of babylon disguises itself with the coat of the righteous…

My favorite youtuber. What did you all do to him/her/it?

pedo odyssey :fearful:

i live in constant fear of being groomed

Most normal >17+ game youtuber ever:

Chat can we tear off his skin and eat him alive

@mods, respectfully crush his skull :blush:

chat we need more inciting replies in this thread

all the forum pve fodder despise low level gankers yet when karma strikes and justice is dealt they look down at your post from their high horse and call it a waste of time or tell you to get a hobby “erm ackshually you were the one to take time out of your day to make a post :point_up::nerd_face:

theres no winning with these monkeys but we can have the last laugh

we need to offend more of their kind




plug. get to edging and tipping your landlord right this instant.

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sniff sniff is that a pve demon?

id win

I’m going to do the thing the other weirdos refuse to do
I’m going to point and laugh and be somewhat ashamed to be a fellow purple lightning

I’m pointing and laughing