God gets hunted - Colorised

‘But shanks your arm!’


Won but at what cost?

God gets hunted? More like god punishing his subjects.

This is what I thought
Vetex’s magic seems to create large waves

“If you can make God bleed… people will cease to believe in Him.”

Turns out this god is particularly good at making others bleed. Like holy smokes, he doesn’t even need to deal 33% to inflict limb loss.

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He doesn’t need them, because you basically get limb loss from each attack

Vetex, learn to differentiate your game from Fear and Hunger, please.

shatter magic being half of the equation kinda does that

Alternative title: God performs medieval medical treatment on unwilling participants.

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Get some honor and fight like a man!

(Dont gank others)

i know that boat name at like 1:20
that one is a bit :broken_heart:

I know I should be afraid, but I wanna fight God (I will get bodied)

Welcome to (insert anime channel here) today we will be recapping doomed guy gets turned into an isekai trying to fight god