Going through a few book titles

Yes someone has probably done this before. But I haven’t.

5 sea clusters


I only knew of 2 maybe 3 clusters. This is pretty cool

Bright Beginnings


Since this is a work in progress story that means its being written. This story is most likely gonna follow the Arcane Odyssey protagonist.

Studies of Chaos


Randal be studying the fundamental forces of nature, that’s pretty cool.

Forging Arcanium


We know that arcanium can be made but I want to know how personally. There’s a book right here that tells us but we can’t access it.

Mount Olympus dies


Yeah this one explains itself. The gods falling and their destruction. I don’t have pictures but there is also astory of the creation of the sea curses, the Grand fire curses, a time before magic, and Prometheus’s gift.

R.I.P Arcane Government


The Arcane Government (which I believe was the main power in the seven seas) has been destroyed before the events of Arcane Odyssey. Another book is titled the creation of the Grand Navy but nothing talking about its demise (yet).



He’s still alive and kicking. This means we might meet him. Also there’s a book about Rupin’s unfortunate demise.

The Arcane Chronicles


This is most likely the story that’s following the Peacekeeper and the storyline of the seven seas.

Phoenix v. Darkness

This is a story about Theos vs. Durza most likely. I find it funny that are mentor is standing right next to a book about the mentor in the Seven seas.


What’s this 3rd sea cluster you mentioned?

It only says 5 sea clusters. We know about War seas and 7 seas

It would’ve been the Old Sea assuming whatever came from the situation of OF (Online Fighting) being a canon sea cluster or whatever discussion was happening.

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Bright beginnings is a book about Averill, its a W.I.P because he isn’t dead yet

oh. that makes sense. cool

Yeah that book was one of the ones in AA, speaking of that however, we don’t get to see if the book about romulus is in AO

Damn, I didn’t realize that “W.I.P” was an indication that the person it’s about is still alive and thus their story is ongoing, Im dumb-
I have to admit that’s a very clever way of doing so though

Also, I’m actually wondering if “Arcane Chronicles” is actually going to be about BOTH protagonists of the two games, AA and AO. Cause of the obvious “Arcane” in the title, you would think this is AA, but there’s also AO with “Arcane”. Chronicles just means past records, so it’s vague if it’s PK only or also AO MC… But PK is bound to get to the War Seas one day anyway in that Curses Hunt so… (Maybe this is the title for Vetex’ book series that he wanted to write… though he probs can’t now)

Also its only been a few days since our character began their journey so it wouldn’t make sense for Randal to start writing about us yet.

Yes, I know. They said they might know of a 3rd specific one.

War Sea, Seven Seas, Old Sea

wonder if we will ever know about the other 2 in AO

maybe in Vetex’s future books?

iirc its just iron/metal + (magic irradiated ) seawater salt

doubtful tbh, and it would kinda feel fan service too since Trigno has little reason to travel to another sea cluster ( unless the lore is changed and the entire Seven Seas is fcked so he and everyone has to move somewhere else )

Randal knows everything that is happening

yes but he can’t possibly write about every single person

i mean, he said that he can tell that we’re special ( mind is hazy but full of potential or something ) so im not suprised if he starts keeping track on us after meeting us

would be cool if a new book about the AO player appear in the library after some point in the story

Its called quest log

5 sea cluters are probably the war seas, seven seas, great seas and the old sea (no idea about the fifth one). Bright begginings is Averill’s story

‘‘mf that awakened on an island becomes living legend’’

It is cannon because the Lore Doc mentions it, and that the inhabitants of the 7 seas originally lives in the Old Sea before bad stuff happened and they had to move

Great Seas?

Online Fighting also I think the Old Sea is the Great Sea so