Good game shit community

istfg the community is so bad change my mind


There is no string of words that could ever do so, as you are fully and utterly 100% correct my man.


that’s what you get when you encourage ganking tbh

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Sadly the most developed part of the game is the pvp/ganking system, so thats what we get. Though ill give half credit to the dark sea, since yes its a good pve area of the game, it gets abused a lot by people waiting at the edge to gank/waiting at shipwrights to gank.

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I stay as a solo fan for a lot of games I like (especially Pokemon). Issue is that you just can’t be a solo fan with games like TF2, AO, or any other online-based game you can think of.

it’s unfortunate, hell has it always been this bad since WoM?

Most of the community is good, its just a few really shitty people ruining the image (and the game) for everyone else.

IE: Almost every major guild.


was probably worse in wom


Most definitely.
The map was much smaller (harder to avoid player encounters) and every guild was encouraged to attack every player from the second they got within PvP level.

It is much much better than it was, undeniably.

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You sure? Granted, I played when WoM was in the middle of getting replaced, but I never got attacked by any guild members.

The guild update turned the game into a warzone.
Level 45s were getting farmed for infamy and there was nothing they could do about it.

That wasn’t even a metamancer vs casual player situation like what pops up in AO, it was a metamancing level 125 attacking a level 50 kind of unfair.

the wom infamy grind was hell

Though probably due to the bounty system, I think I get attacked way more in AO than I did in the two years I played WoM. Kinda wish AO could be like late WoM, where most people were really chill in my experience. Nowadays I have to be wary if I’m ever near someone cos I think they’ll attack me.

Holy shit don’t remind me. Outright could not play the game- even as a clanless player since you were just being farmed for leaderboard points.

It’s part of the reason I was pretty radically against rewarding infamy people for beating other clan members in combat. Just pure PTSD from that area of the game, the guild update strangled the life out of the game. People wanna talk about PVP players chasing away PVE players in AO? WOM was way worse. Like, actually unplayable if you were not a guild member.

It’s why I’m pretty radical about trying to make sure Clans never end up like that.

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join the neutral gang :cat::+1:

I am doing that the millisecond deckhand changes come out lol

why wait?
its gonna release sooner or later lol.

obliterate the stress and paranoia you feel every time another ship sails within a mile of you.

Honestly Ill probs do so. Yesterday I was on my 20k fame unawakened file, and a 300 pk guy came up to me and we fished in ravenna while I was waiting for Carina to respawn. I went and fought Carina while he watched me, and the second I beat her he surged me out of existence and claimed my bounty. Yeah that was not a fun time.

Bounty hunters are one thing, lying vultures are another.

they don’t JUST claim your renown/bounty, they pretend to be your friend, AND they jump you when you’re weak.
shit’s disgusting.


imo any roblox game built for a 15+ audience and has pvp has an absolutely terrible community. That’s why I believe Rogue Lineage and Deepwoken has a terrible community, it’s just made for PvP teenagers.
Is AO a game that feels made for 15+, I’d say the PvP side is but not the story side.