Good lord



Lmao :skull:
This bro is speedrunning a ban


Say yes, take the robux and leave
Whatโ€™s he gonna do? Report you?

Here we see a person who thinks everybody will cooperate with them with breaking Roblox ToS. As we see from the simple topic name and skull emoji, OP clearly did not listen and instead reported them.

this man gone and made a horrible mistake. He trying to play WoM like a PtW when its not. You play the game to win, canโ€™t buy your way to the top.

You should be able to fr

:eye: :eye:


im gonna try to hit him up to get him banned. just leaving this post here to prove im innocent

(i would never sell my headless heads i already have a job)

i cant believe rayman would do something like this, hitting poor people :face_holding_back_tears:

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