Good morning forums (current)


it is 9:48 pm when im typing this

good to hear that you’re doing decently well with life,
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life has been… decently okay

there are ups and downs, mostly downs, but nothing too exceptional that i cant deal (or ignore) it

Today is decent so far, The last assignment I did yesterday I studied a lot for and got a mediocre grade which is frustrating but putting it past me for now.

Good morning!
It’s awesome to see this thread alive again, I’m not sure if you’ve seen me before but, I found this while browsing the forums a while back. It’s been a fun read through all the posts and seeing how everyone’s days has changed over the years.

spent the last week in a military camp, the food was surprisingly good and we made some pretty fun memories

my roommates were pretty chill and two of them brought guitars so every noon was basically a mini concert
although on wednesday night (which was the mock up talent show) they got a bit too excited, decided to team up with the adjacent room and performed an hour early which ended up pissing off our commander and resulted in three confiscated guitars lol (they were returned eventually)


Good morning

Morning forums!

good evening forums, I’m currently writing an essay analyzing the forum no joke

today sucks, i regret making friends

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That sounds like a great place to make lots of memories! I’d love to listen to a concert night of guitars, by any chance, what’s the most memorable song you remember them singing?

this was the final song they played before all of us had to sweep the entire building

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a fellow Vietnamese, hello there

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