Good morning forums (current)

Ima start doing this every morning from now on just because it’s interesting to see how everyone’s doing.

Well, sleep well? Watch any good shows lately? What did you have for dinner, and did you like it? Hope the rest of the day goes well for everyone.


Gonna get flagged

for w h a t

It isn’t spam because it’s in between an entire 18+ hour span and also going to have a new topic to ask every day o-0

If there’s an issue I’ll just stop doing it, that simple.

(Instead of making a new post every day, I’ll just rename this one to the date it is and bump the post every morning. This will prevent it being seen as spam hopefully.)

Good morning.

Cells at Work Black coming out this week… :poggers2:

:poggers2: idk what that is but I’ll be sure to find out lol


That actually educates you on body diseases and stuff…

I’ll be sure to check it out : )

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I guess it’s still too early in the morning for some of the regulars to be online huh, forums do be a wasteland in the morning fr fr.

If Sr’s Brazil bit got flagged I would not be surprised if this did

yeah this works tho


Oh okay lit

I’m okay I guess

I slept decently but my eyes hurt

Wait why?

f, get better

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Idk, this happens a lot though

Hm…are your eyes dry?

staying up late to use your phone/laptop?

Wait, yeah, its 100% that lol

:fr: well stop having ouch eyes

Oh I wasn’t joking about making a Mako “hehe” compilation btw. I already have 40 or so screenshots on a google doc lol