Good Old Roblox Memories

Today, I was scrolling through my badge list and saw some Roblox games (2014-2018). I revisited some of them and played them. Half an hour later I started crying (I’m not the type to cry easily). Anyways, what happened to all the good fun games? Why did all those games get replaced by crappy afk-grinding simulators? Also, tell me if you had a similar experience and which games.

most new games are shit honestly
crappy afk-grinding simulators are typically far more profitable than actual effort
many of those “devs” don’t actually have much scripting knowledge in the firstplace and just copy other crappy afk-grinding simulators

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Tapping Mania-

Good games like those still exist and are still being made, however they never make it to the game page. That is because Roblox gives priority to games that make a lot of money.

they can just promote the actually good games and theyll likely make some actual profit after they are promoted

Tbh that won’t ever happen, considering that shit games are hella lucrative for roblox as their main target audience are literally babies.

there are actually good games on roblox that can be for kids
like platformers

yeah ik, but those are more skill based rather than “steal my mom’s credit card” based. remember, Roblox looks for cash, not quality.

and they shouldnt look for cash.
they should actually care for their games and promote their best ones.
they should care for everything instead of only bollars.

I mean, to be fair they used to. But looking at the past few years it’s looking like they care less and less about their playerbase.

I wonder what type of games most “old” Roblox players would be interested into playing now that don’t exist yet?

y’all remember the original shitty roblox jaws game? Yeah… Also, tycoons

glad i printed this accidentaly

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you call these clickfests ‘games’? these cashgrabs that do nothing but leech off young, innocent people out of their parents’ money, you call them ‘games’?

on another note, I really do miss the old days of roblox, there were some damn creative things back then
there’s only so little creativity on this platform now
it’s seething with cashgrabs and extraordinarily grindy clickfests that, for some reason, children are attracted to
and it fucking scares me
i’m willing to bet that soon roblox games are just gonna be EA’s descendants and will ask for money to continue actually playing the game


Your fears have been confirmed.
Roblox is planning to have a “subscription” option for games.
Basically you pay Robux monthly to play that specific game.

I just heard this somewhere, so idk if it’s true :man_shrugging:.


guys how do you make the green hat look good

I remember playing those base(d) war games. Those were the shit man.

There was this one time, in AA, I picked some guy up in my boat, and sailed him off, and he gave me like 100k lamina or something. It was such a helpful gesture and was just a really great experience overall.