Goodnight doods

2 am im tired gn

Hey burger can you stop making these posts? It’s really annoying and you literally make one everyday. Imma be flagging next time I see one… :yawning_face:

i suppose

What would ya be flagging him for exactly? Just 'cause you’re annoyed? You can just mute his posts, fella

Thanks xDDD

  1. It can be counted as spam, because he’s sending it over and over again

  2. I would otherwise pick the ‘other’ catergory and say it’s a completely useless and irrelevant topic.

This is in Off-Topic for a reason, aka the “other” category. Also he ain’t spamming it every hour, it’s just a daily thing, ain’t that bothersome

Posting 1 useless post a day in #off-topic doesn’t really count as spam. But I do agree, they are very annoying.