Goofy clan stuff

yesterday i was doing the awakening quests on my 3rd file with my friend (who was on their main, in my clan) and some random clan named leviathan something sunk my boat

i messaged them saying ‘toxicity’ and they told me that they would hunt us down, and they did, but they didnt have a 105 speed ketch so we outran them

side note: all of their clan members were metamancers, except for one chad who was using plasma conjurer

a few minutes later, i rejoined on my main, we killed one, then their 2k hp gold 90 power clan leader came and spammed his ults (we all died)

then some random member of pandemonium appeared, they got jumped by leviathan, then the entire server was
3 leviathan metamancers and one plasma conjurer
funny clan team:
~4 pandemonium members
1 salvatore
1 grand navy

there was also this one doge nation dude that no one cared about

it devolved into chaos
jackthevamp sent them all to jail
idk why they still decided to attack us but they eventually all left

so yay fun this is why you should join a clan they do funny things like this

i will post some clips later today (very very later today)

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what magics :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

gold and magma users and a warrior

no shadow warlocks, cringe clan moment tbh.

So good im Explosion Ash lover.

we have 2 shadow warlocks in my clan lol (that i know of)

you think it’s cool build?




Wsp Maple, I didn’t even know the backstory I just came to fight lol was fun putting em all in jail tho

I see plasma users as “Meta-Chads” because plasma is meta itself.

Maple you didn’t just ban them for toxicity?
Come on I thought the moderators were supposed to be evil!

1 salvatore :pray: