Got combat logged by a shark as soon as I left the game and lost 65 Dark Sealed Chests in storage

Don’t even know where I can find the motivation to do Dark Sea runs at this point. Feels like I end up losing my chests no matter what I do. I regret saving it all for when I’d get Luck V.

Just feels like the entire game is out to get you sometimes.

(I’d show a clip, but it was impossible for me to take one cause it happened as I closed the game).

the fact sharks (or PvE enemies at all but ESPECIALLY sharks) can combat log you is stupid.


I was on top of my friend’s ship and they went through the Nimbus Sea border cause we just finished another run. When I got dropped into the water I left the game and got bitten by a shark as soon as I left. Didn’t seem real for a second.