Gotta love dying purely due to RNG, 10/10 game Vetex

Yes, and he only had recovery 1

Kinda fucked that you can get cucked due to poor rng but you kind of asked for it like what where you thinking into the fourth range with no HP on hotbar running glass canon while solo on a 2hr expedition :skull:

One run into any atlantean and it’s lights out for you, and while honestly I don’t think lightning adds real natural difficulty, the dark sea are supposed to be an unpredictable challenge, you should’ve also just prepared better by not being in 1 tap range, which will also be irrelevant by nimbus when people naturally get higher HP

Oh fr? Damn that’s epic

Still pissed off about the 30+ Sealed Chests I lost to a random lightning strike on my Paladin.

My Paladin.

Why in blazes is this Fromsoftian troll post my most liked on the forum-

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Because at least you’re trying to be funny and sarcastic and not belligerent vaporware stuck in a meat suit on autopilot when someone says a mean thing about a thing you enjoy~

isn’t the game kinda about playing with your build??? why shame a build into not playing a part of the game?

also again imo, you should always be able to play solo and have a good time in it, like some games i think is fine because their entire idea is based on playing with friends or people in general (sea of thieves, but even there you can play solo.)