Gotta love dying purely due to RNG, 10/10 game Vetex

2 hours in the Dark Sea, gone because of RNG that i can’t even avoid or prevent, what the fuck are you smoking Vetex?


artificial difficulty is a great way to balance games!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


I love water poisoning and random lightning strikes, they’re just the best mechanics ever.
I also really appreciate how neither of those things have been mentioned once in the last 20 or so patches since the update.

They’re in such a good place, vetex really shouldn’t waste his time looking into them.


Skill issue, bruh. You should have parried the lightning bolt, used your dodge to close the distance, and m1 spammed Zeus.


anyways in all seriousness this death should 100% warrant getting your dark sealed chests back because that’s complete and utter bullshit.

ill assume you werent actually in the insanity 4 layer, cuz if so thats your fault

What is bro doing in 4 insanity range
Hop islands in 0 insanity for 2 hours and you’ll get the same amount of sealeds + no water poisoning at all

Ok so tell me this, what does being in insanity 4 have to do with literally anything that happened in that clip.

Being struck by lightning twice while under water poisoning is something that can happen in ranges 2 through 5 equally.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re going in that far, expecting to get out alive is stupid, but that doesn’t make that death any less bullshit.


Actually, insanity range 1 can also give water poisoning. Unless that’s what you meant by range 2.

Also, the triple red lightning does enough to kill a fair chunk of players even without water poisoning. The dude got “lucky” here and was only hit by 2 relatively weak bolts.

Yes. Range 2.
I don’t know why people say range 0 and I’m not going to start.

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Fair enough.

The reason a player should lose is by failing to mitigate the manageable portions of RNG and getting into situations way over their grade and not backing out. If one is careful enough, and tactful about their surroundings and the threats and challenges they present, they should theoretically be able to last forever in an environment like the Far Reaches- their resources and pre-prep of course being a factor.

People handwaving this kind of nonsense should not be trusted on an unbiased opinion regarding healthy challenges or mechanics whatsoever. Lightning needs a mild rework in order for it to be considered a “challenge” and not yet another layer of RNG to artificially pad game sessions and supposed difficulty.

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happens to all of us thats why dark sea is ‘hard’ content and not meant to be done solo

  • its only one run you have probably until next year to prepare for nimbus sea anyways

dark sea with only 1k health is kinda wild though


what are you talking about, having more people would have done literally nothing to prevent this.

reviving exists

Only works once per run and its super unreliable.

If you can get instanuked from max hp to 0 by random chance in a dark sea expedition once, it can happen twice.

Genuinely there’s a simple solution to this.
A mix of that one suggestion even the system wanted to keep going and just giving lightning a clear indicator.

that’s the dumbest bullshit i’ve ever heard you say. please change your ways for the better :pray:


Okay but why were you on the 4th range of the Dark Sea lol. (1st range does just fine, if you were looking for golden cauldrons/cooking pots then don’t loot at the same time, not with that HP at least)