GPO rant/Reasons why GPO sucks

i dunno, i just need somewhere to rant

Grand Piece Online. It’s the best one piece game, better than Blox Fruits, at least. But is being the best really saying something in terms of one piece’s track record on roblox? Almost every game is a cash grab bandit beater… and GPO is no different.

I bought GPO 3 years ago. I recently returned to cash in on the recent update(always get legendary chests), and I fed my alt a Mera, only to realize…

  1. Devil Fruit Storage

…Are you serious Phoeyu? Did you really HAVE to make this paid access? Why? Of all things you could have made robux only, it was THE THING THAT MAKES ONE PIECE, ONE PIECE! This point has been made countless times, though.

  1. It’s like he doesn’t actually expect players to be able to beat the bosses

“If you can’t solo it, and there are no clear instructions on how to fight the boss, it is trash.”

Reminds me of old MC captains spamming 20 beams. At least that was POSSIBLE to fight back against. You can’t solo any bosses in the game without cheesing or being way higher level than them from the get go. I guess you can’t really expect AO quality bosses from an obvious cash grab game. Moria is probably the most balanced boss out of all of them, and that’s ignoring the auto aim door thing. At least a sensible player will try after a few deaths luring the zombies out of the area and fighting Moria head on, or trying to get rid of the shadow. But what are you expected to do against Borj? HE LITERALLY TELEPORTS TO YOU WITHOUT WARNING! Ryuma is a bit more balanced, but his teleportation attack has little to no warning, too. At least make him charge it for like 1 second before releasing it so players can geppo away.

  1. Finding islands is too much of a pain for what it’s worth

You know how AO sometimes has these huge annoying pointless fog clouds that just ruin your day? Well just imagine those same fog clouds, 24/7. You cannot… I MEAN CANNOT GO TO ANOTHER ISLAND WITHOUT WATCHING A YT VIDEO.

First, Log Poses have to be obtained from the island it leads to, which kind of defeats the purpose. Okay, fair, but why did you have to make it almost impossible to know where the next island is? There isn’t even a map, no NPC, no ANYTHING! Even islands that are close by are impossible to see in the fog, and it gets even worse at night. Just remove the fog and the island finding problem is solved!

Reminds me of rough seas.

  1. Boss drop chances are overrated

Blox Fruits can get away with it because the bosses are easy and simple to kill at the required level to get their quests. GPO can’t get away with it because I assure you the average player isn’t gonna be able to solo a boss(atleast with the required stats), and even with a party it goes from hard and tedious to just hard. Boat loads of HP, boat loads of damage, each fight takes like 4-5 minutes, and all your hard work for…

“No drops.”

  1. Dressrosa didn’t really hit that hard

Cmon. Where’s the family? Where’s Dellinger, and that flower guy with the longsword? All that’s there of the Doflamingo family is Pica, Bellamy(not really), and the guy who can swim in anything(but he doesn’t even have his devil fruit…). It could have been a boss rush island and that would be cool, but the island is carried by its events. Factory kind of just feels like a long droning process, too.

Positive things I have to say about the game:

I like the colosseum update. It’s a sensible and honestly reasonable way for players to obtain legendary and useful items(boss grinding used to be the only way, and that was impossible without a legendary fruit, and to get a legendary fruit you need boss items… see the problem?), but with Legendary Chests, the problem of getting a good fruit is solved, and you can even buy weapons and gear with Legendary Chests! They are officially the new currency of GPO, and it’s good.

At the same time… it sort of feels like old players have been spat on. We spent months, some a year or two trying to get a legendary fruit. It took me four months to get a zushi and another 3 to get a mera then a magu. After that I quit, only to come back because I wanted to get those free stonk’s.

and uhh I guess that’s all

Not much positive to say about it. Oh, the LEVEL grind is easy, just not the “getting the stuff you actually want” grind.

pointless gpo rant :skull:



I forgot max lvl but im currently oh thriller bark lvl(can do fighting moria quest) and I loose to Morgan(guy with axe hand)

It is common knowledge surrounding the anime roblox game community that the games fall off quickly.

I used a wiki map and the compass for travel, made it decently fun but yeah travel in GPO is garbage with no plans on fixing it

That’s because they all have zero care or love put into them, they exist solely to get money and when the devs get enough they stop trying at all.

The argument most people have is “they aren’t supposed to be solo’d”

In all my time playing GPO, I have never ONCE beaten a boss at the level I was supposed to beat it at. Actually, that’s a lie, there’s two bosses, bandit boss and lucid. Bandit boss doesn’t count, but LUCID does. Lucid has a clear and reasonable way to defeat him, being get rid of the lad’s/lure them away while you beat the shit of out Lucid. Killing the lad’s makes them respawn so players will learn after a couple death’s that they should find a place to lure the lads away so they can deal with Lucid.

Fair, balanced, and rewarding(not fun) boss fight.

Bandit boss on the other hand, is just an easy but stupid boss fight. It’s like the calm before the storm, sure, BB is easy, but he has no unique moveset or anything unique at all. All he does is use the skills his weapons have, which is what almost every other boss in the game replicates. Arlong is probably more unique, but the way you’re supposed to beat him just doesn’t make sense/it’s like Phoeyu WANTS you to cheese every boss.

yeah this shit sucks. not only this but also not being able to reset stats and fruits without robux/trading. like some people might atleast use the common fruit for a bit, like even suke, if they didn’t have to grind for items to trade or just fork over money.

oh yeah 100%. for some reason he always wants people to be like 3 people or whatever, that also have the perfect build for it. we can only actually farm bosses now because we can be such higher levels. but new bosses? not at all. but the funny thing is that most bosses are actually completly fine (other than crab king, because that dude is a disgrace to boss design), the problem is just they have that ONE move that just makes them really annoying/impossible to fight. for example gorilla king with his AOE/blockbreak/healing move, like even me, a max level pika user takes a bit of time to defeat him if he uses that move.

it’s so expected that you just go to a wiki and use the map there lol. crazy that they didn’t add in a map themselves. it’s so easy

and people keep saying that you “just” have to grind some boss items to get stuff like fruit bags and such :skull:

that shit is so big for no reason. like damn, there’s like 4 things, and all of them are in like a similar location, so like 50% of the island is dead space lol

i don’t really have anything good to say for gpo. once i was thinking how i liked the change for how forms work, they added a bar instead of your stamina being drained a boatload. but 2 problems you only get bar from the fs/fruit that has the bar. which SUCKS, for tori for example. and also they added it RIIIIGGGHHTTTT after rell seas said they will add that in a teaser :skull:

dear god do i hope that rell seas fucking strangles gpo. (i do have hopes for rell seas because i saw that you can CHOOSE your race, instead of spinning for it)

It shouldn’t be too hard. Just look at everything GPO did wrong and do it right. Controversial opinion, I think the difficulty of obtaining rare fruits was actually what made GPO so good, because you feel like you actually earned the Mera or Pika or whatever. It’d be nice if Rell Seas did that too, or maybe that’s just my opinion on it lol

I just like it when a game gives you a feeling of accomplishment when you finally reach your goal. At the same time, it was way harder than it had to be, so I dunno…

Oh my gosh, I forgot about the race thing too. I hate it when games have races, if you’re gonna have different races at least make it so that players can choose what they want.

If you get HUMAN you are basically just fucked. Human gets absolutely no benefits, NOTHING at all. Even skypiean is better, even though it’s lackluster, at least skypiean gets a pseudo flight.

I know the problem, you just don’t have the optimal build for you. You see, you need either a mythical or 2 specific legendaries, if you don’t have these then grind harder bozo or git gud. You should be cheesing or p-blocking everything, just p-block the teleports it’s so easy. I managed to get a p-block streak of 25 and at the same time managed to p-block a GPO Reddit (There is a GPO reddit, just googled it) Mod that tried to break into my house after I said Bomi wasn’t hot because it was a block character in a children’s game.

I forgot to say, cheesing is an intended mechanic. Phoeyu would’ve fixed it ages ago like they balanced 2SS. Glass cannon 2SS was wayyyy too strong when you invested all of your points into sword, you might’ve had basically no HP and stamina but you hit too hard, so that had to be nerfed to the ground so the only way to get decent damage is to fully invest into your sword stat and forgo HP and stamina.

just block parry dodge…

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Roblox anime games suck in general (most of the time)

Its so hard to find good anime game

honestly what i also hate they did, is not only keep a weapon (a really good weapon, pipe) behind battle royale but also A WHOLE FIGHTING STYLE???

Reject Roblox anime games. Embrace AO

none of the islands hit hard honestly and all of them are out of order
how did we get to marineford and skypeia before fucking alabasta
seriously even Blox Fruits did this better than GPO at least the progression was somewhat connected to the actual series and a lot of it at least made sense even if there were replacements for the islands

getting gear 2nd on dressrosa :skull:

like not only did it come with this update, which is bad enough, but you actually HAVE to be on dressrosa level to get gear 2nd.

honestly it’s still such a fuckfest on how they actually think that this is ok. not only is the list of things you have to do light years long, but you also have to be like 500 levels???