Grand Navy News

After looking through badges on WoM, I noticed something that will definitely improve AO gameplay: the option to join the Grand Navy. I’m not sure if anyone has already announced this, but incase you dont know about it, well, now you do.
There are 6+ ranks you can achieve, the 6th highest being Navy Commander, which serves under the Navy Commodore. This rank is obviously the 5th highest, and serves under the 14 Rear Admirals, the 4th highest rank. This one servers under the Vice Admiral, which servers under the 4 Admirals, which is the highest rank achievable (to players). The highest rank is the King Admiral, which there is only 1 of. Ciao.

I mean this was already known.

Also, you’re going to be able to join the assassin’s syndicate too.

You also seem to have the names very mixed up my friend

Yup, the Grand Navy’s always been planned to be joinable (the magic council was as well, and the Arcane Government was joinable). The badges have existed for a while, as well as the ranks and reputation system. Right now Vetex is designing the Grand Navy uniforms and hopefully within the next few days their basic functionality will be completed, followed by making it joinable by players


This was a few weeks late but eh, still helps to those who haven’t notice

this has been planned for a while and was assumed by most of the community because the ag was joinable in aa and magic council was planned to be joinable in wom

also those badges were added like 2 months ago

Can’t wait for the reveal of the uniform, if it even happens

Hopefully we get a look at them in the next sneak

We’ve known about this for over a month now from the patch notes.

who is Ciao?

so not a name sad

well it can be a name if you want

i wonder if you join the gnavy you get a salary :drooling_face: