Gravy or AS

Alr ima be real honest I want to join a faction (I know I must be a god awful waste of space) but I dont know which one to join, also no I’m not going to follow any of the stereotypes

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Really like assassin for it Ship color


-zero competency
-horrible treatment as lower rank
-hated regardless of renown
-terrible drip for most low ranks
-tedious grinding as you cannot hunt positives or fello gravies
-higher ranks are extremely toxic
-Gravy discord server is cancerous
-Spawn has trash NPCs that cant protect you


-decent competency
-equal treatment for all ranks
-somewhat less hated somehow
-excellent drip for all ranks
-slightly easier grinding
-higher ranks are either decent or extremely toxic
-AS discord server is slightly less cancerous
-Spawn has actually good NPCs that can protect you

In colusion, do not join a faction if you have a life, but if you’re forced to then join AS.

I like the assassins more tbh.

Cooler drip, colors, and just in general not much hated unlike the Gravy’s

everybody hates the assasins

Equally hated.

(Nah I’m joking, Gravy is hated more than Assasins somehow)


if you want to be villan or hero is the question

ass syndicate because i hate the gravy

do NOT become a gravy member they are the most ANNOYING people you will ever meet

I’m being legit, Gravy is way more hated than the Ass. One of the reasons probably because of one of the member known as CrabIsBuilding is one of the reason the Gravy is hated.

As an ez-Gravy, I hate the Gravy more

The chance of a Gravy person being non-toxic is maybe 5%

While for the Syndicate its like 50%, they either joined the organisation not knowing what they are doing or are pvpheads

Hes just one of the many horrible members of the Gravy

as a current A.S and G.N member I adore my G.N file, but I fucking hate the other G.N, A.S chill though

ass syndincate
yeah i think i know why theres less toxic asyn members

I’m not tho

(Complete sentence)

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whatever the new one is going to be

i can potentially defeat him, but he will run away so he doesn’t die which is the most basic things pvp scums would do

you already cant attack positive renowns as positive renown