Gravy or asate

asate is a real word one and two nobody has a nickname for assassins syndicate like gravy

  • Grand Navy
  • Assassins Syndicate

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Ah yes hero complex vs edgelord faction, what a battle :yum:


at least 2 of both

Might change my mind once we learn a bit more about the A. synd but for now I like a lot of the gravy’s features/functions like personal bank and influence. The only thing we currently know about the syndicate is they get higher rewards from kill contracts

ass s. might work

the roblox filter:

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as s.

just call them ubisoft


i hate the void walkers with a burning passion i know im not gonna like the as


Definitely not very fair since we have no idea on what makes the AsS unique

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im joining both

Assycate maybe?

Honestly, I would pick the Gravy considering how few we know about the Astate right now.

can work but honestly saying Asate is a decent alternative for now

can always look through this word combination list tho


are the ones that stand out for me, the rest are just a long irrelevant mess

bruh what are with some of these names just call them the syndicate



Can’t wait for faction wars

Gravy or Asss

an assassin in the assassination Syndicate has a total of 4 “ass”

I really like “ae”

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