Great white

Idea for a sea monster and its drop.

Sea Monster:
Name (example): Great white
Type: colossal whale
A colossal whale that terrifies the seas.
Its back is packed of weapons of those that tried to slay this sea demon.

Drop: harpoon
Type: polearm
(str weapon, hopefully xD (only personal preference as warlord))
Once wielded by a mighty sailor and sea lord, he vanished after his clash with a mighty sea monster.
The fact that this weapon is firmly rooted on the back of that monster leaves few hopes for the fate of the sea man.

P. S.
Inspiration: Moby Dick


Seems like it’d get confused for the great white shark based on it’s name :thinking:
Also this is walking the line of being a suggestion based on it’s formatting -v-

I’ll admit that the name doesn’t overflow with originality xD
It’s just the first that came to mind from it’s inspiration, no one said that it can’t be changed
Regarding the suggestion… maybe?
I can’t do suggestions myself and don’t really want to change that, but I’d be pretty happy if someone took this or other ideas I shared and worked on them or whatever
Always happy to contribute to new content to the game
Not going to sue anyone for copyright xD

(str weapon

Warlord main; opinion invalidated :face_vomiting:

Here’s a better name
Pale Terror

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considering that there was a legendary ship captain called Ahab who threw spears around back in AA this would be a fitting next step to see

Nice :+1:

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