Greetings once again! I've revised King David's theme!

“I heard that some of the townspeople are scared of me, but I don’t mind. As long as they’re safe and living well, I don’t care if they think I look scary. I realize that I don’t exactly come off as friendly most of the time, but I’m just blunt and passionate.” - King David

I was accepted as an artist!

Image credit goes to @Judoari


This is bop
especially that part at 0:45

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thanks for making this, musical, very cool!

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Yoooo this is nice! What did you use to make it?

someone’s gonna look back, and wonder why there was music and fanart for such a mostly irrelevant pseudo boss

Perhaps, or someone might look back on it as a fond memory of the beginning of WoM

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I make my music within a Digital Audio Workstation

Oooh I like this, this is good.

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not gonna lie this is nice

now make a combat version :sunglasses:

like unless this is supposed to play when you’re fighting him, then make it faster cause it sounds more like ceremonial music rather than combat music

Nah, this is a King’s boss theme, not a combat theme. It’s meant to be the grand theme of a good king, not a generic enemy

make a combat version doe it’ll probably sound really good

Grats on making it into the art category!

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so, you gonna compliment their work or not man, cmon at least say “nice work” instead of a paragraph of you disliking something or finding a negative about it.
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lemon do you want money cause this site doesn’t like me

yes im poor give me ur life savings CattoBlush

Now make a theme for AA bosses ez.

Damn, this is nice

Thank you for the kind words fellas, I’m glad you like it :grinning:

I like this. Good work!