Guess! That! FORUMER! 🎤

Welcome to… (say it with me now)
Guess That Former!

The game show where you, that’s right, you :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:, get to guess which forumer is related to the photo given :scream:. The game is simple as there will be three categories, with three questions in each. For each question, you will have the opportunity to choose out of four forumers to see if they are related to the photo, but only one is the correct answer :eyes:! The categories for todays game are…

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  • Topic Title
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There’s only one simple rule to this game, don’t cheat! :rage: I mean, if you did, there would be absolutely no way that I would notice or know wink wink. Just try to get as many right as you can, I believe in you! :face_holding_back_tears:Now, how about we start this game already!

User Profile :framed_picture:


Which Forumer Is This?
  • API
  • Goopman
  • CrimsonCreate
  • Rezan

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Which Forumer Is This?
  • Alv
  • dog
  • Vivalacz
  • vitorgue

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Which Forumer Is This?
  • Fluect
  • PapaMT
  • Mameo
  • a_nerd

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Topic Title :writing_hand:


Which Forumer Did This?
  • DubiousLittleTyp0
  • OLEG
  • Peacemaker
  • BNTarwarn

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Which Forumer Did This?
  • ThatOneGuy
  • Shellseawing
  • Randomness
  • Rake

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Which Forumer Did This?
  • ThatAsianInTheCorner
  • liu
  • GlitchingEclipse
  • north

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Reply Comment :takeout_box:


Which Forumer Wrote This?
  • Level
  • Perf
  • wmdrayal
  • Misinput

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Which Forumer Wrote This?
  • Cryonical
  • thingyy
  • BlazingUnicron
  • NaCl

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Which Forumer Wrote This?
  • Acid
  • Mimhere
  • Saint
  • obama_gaming

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Thanks for participating in the game! If you haven’t noticed yet, each poll has a certain time limit in which you can vote. If you don’t vote when the time comes up, you’re done for. In two days the results of the game will then be revealed. Good Luck! :four_leaf_clover: Oh, and make sure you tell me if you want another of these! :grin:


The results are now out! Let’s see what you guys managed to get right

  1. Goopman - 86% Correct

  2. Alv - 79% Correct

  3. a_nerd - 92% Correct

  4. BNT - 47% Correct

  5. Shellseawing 38% Correct

  6. TAITC - 51% Correct

  7. wmdrayal - 15% Correct :grimacing:

  8. BlazeUnicron 59% Correct

  9. Saint - 62% Correct

Overall, you all did a great job at guessing who the forumer was… except for Question #7. On that one, exactly half of you voted for Perf, but can I honestly blame you? Also, both Perf and Misinput voted for themselves, while wmdrayal voted for Level :laughing: Even I had to make sure and do a double take, and it is indeed them

Thanks for playing everyone, see you next time! :wave:


If I didn’t know better, I honestly would’ve picked OLEG.

Cool gameshow topic :grin:

ha ha

gaem sho

I think I got 2 replies wrong, I need to brush up on my forum lore

I think I got lile 50% maybe

its a bit confusing having your profile picture being one of the first things you see

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hmm i wonder what the answer to question 1 is?

that one stumped me, it looks like the other voters were similar in their confusion

I remember the quotes, but I forgor the people who actually say it

I loved this topic! I think I got 40% of these right lol Please do more of these this was fun!

i got the forumers right i dont think i got the quotes right though because i forget about everything i see on this forum 10 minutes later

This is the music that played in my head as I did this

It seems I am really unremarkable on the forums



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When will round 2 be

bruh i picked you this sounds like something you would say

How on earth??? :skull:

I think I’m like one of the least downbad people here when it comes to goofy ass lego people

judging by the amount of people that picked you im not alone lol
youre not downbad you just say some really goofy stuff “which lego character would you date” is super in line for you

I would have voted you then I remembered back when BNT was more active they were pretty downbad for some guys

y’all mean smh :frcryin:

bruh :moyai: