Guide to knowing how the forums are dead as heck

Step 1. Look at number of people online, if it’s lower than 15, then them forums dead as hell.

Step 2. Look at off topic, if there’s less than 30 new topics per day, then them forums dead as hell.

Step 3. Look at the recent posts on the right, if THE FIRST 4+ ARE THE SAME FUCKING PERSON, THEN THEM FORUMS DEAD AS HELL.

Step 4. (Reviving the forums) You can’t. You must wait for TGR or walk with the dead.

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Forums are dead and I killed it :hocho:



FroStMILl Island :DD

But everyone knows, when something once important dies, it comes back stronger. I learned this from years of anime :fr:

I Fixed tag lol

How to tell if forum is dead. Forum loses serious conversation.