Guild as anime characters #2, [Azure Sorcery]

The next will prop be suncry, RLG, spellbreakers and maybe noble.


haha, tall

wait my eyes are lying to me

hes continuing it, hes getting fucken powerful OH GOD


:fr: :frsleepin: :frhigh:


Imagine there being art trends in the forums

Better then mene.

you forgot to include sombrero cats on the list of the next ones

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huh i don’t think anyone will get angry at this.

two hours later:

Thank god i’m a small guild rn

Assuming this is restricted to guilds either on the leaderboard or have a name for themselves?

I just do the ones that i like the concept of, there aren’t like requirements.

aye sick

Was asking cause of course I want to recommend the guild I come from as a option.

no more lolis



why does she look so innocent