Guild deleted for no reason

Me and my friends were in game, but when we left and joined a new server our guild was disbanded. When I try to reform it an error occurs saying that I have already created a guild with that name. I don’t understand why this has happened considering I have done nothing lucrative.

a glitch has been happening a lot where people are getting kicked out of guilds. vetex isnt going to fix it
guilds arent important now anyways unless you want infamy

Stop playing wom, it’s for your own sanity (Because right now it’s heavily bug ridden)


Old news mate

Happened to me a while ago. Guilds are broken, World of Magic is trash. Old news.


Funny how the leader of a top guild is telling someone to stop worrying about guilds and the game as a whole

facts be spoken (by the luna)

roselight has been taking this time to NOT grind infamy and play wom but instead to reorganize ourselves. this is what we all should be doing

wdym exploit

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i think theres a exploit where the exploitor can kick people out of guilds or make their infamy 0 or some shit, i heard a few people say that but don’t quote me on it.

…I think that’s just bugs, super common with guilds

i think in most cases its a bug, but theres a chance some retard is going around and forcing people to leave guilds . OR they could of changed their username and the game doesn’t recognize the new user so it makes the user leave the guild

Same as what frezatel said, people were complaining for weeks about an exploit that allowed hackers to kick guild owners and that’s around when vetex came out and said something like, “doesn’t matter, guilds are getting wiped in AO anyways”

not an exploit, it’s just a bug that randomly kicks people from guilds. happens in the test universe all the time


It kicked my friend Cecilia Silver from her own guild

if leaders are re-invited to their guild they’ll be promoted back to leader. just to be safe I’d join on an alt and promote them to co-leader so you can re-invite if it ever happens

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