Guild Infamy Inspirational Message cuz why not

This Guild Infamy has caused the implementation of Predator vs Prey. Major to medium sized guilds are the predators while everyone else is the prey. As prey, you have to figure out how to outsmart the animal that is hunting you down, even if you know you are weaker in most aspects. Also as prey, you have to learn how to evolve so that in case you get attacked you can have extra precautions that you’ll survive from an attack. In all honesty, mostly everyone in WoM right now is prey, and we need to know how to evolve and outsmart our predators. The Guild Infamy isn’t going to change really any time soon, so we all have to survive in the wilderness and the environment that we all live in.


I somewhat share this sentiment in that by Vetex adding an infamy system, people will be incentivized to get better at it as a lot more people are willing to indiscriminately end you the moment you bound over the horizon.

It will be interesting to see what metas may be born as a counter to these death squads that are rolling out.

maybe max agility?

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Max agility in my opinion isn’t the best tool for running away. It does boost your speed noticeably, but I don’t think sacrificing all your def for that speed is worth it at the moment when running away. I usually lead the hunters into forests and/or cities where I have more cover so I can safely log out.


Gank or get ganked. that basic

Fr, I love it when a large group of prey thinks numbers can make them win