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My question for today
Don’t make this controversial please.

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guild bad, guildless good

i made one guild and disbanded it, then i joined a guild and left

Imagine being fatherless lmaooo

good :sunglasses:

bruh this is in the #guilds category, everything is controversial :skull:

wom or AO?

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We’re all going guildless, especially considering that guilds don’t exist anymore. I might join a clan tho

The only reason I’m guildless is because my guild got deleted by the glitch. We didn’t do much, but I wanted to know a few people who might be interested in sticking with me when arcane comes.

I have two really good fathers. (one is a step-dad)

Sad. Hope your fam doing good though.

How is that sad.

I guess cause of the divorce. But at least none of my parents are addicts/drunks.

I was saying sad because divorces are rough.

true. to true.

I almost experienced one before. Tough times that was.

you’re married?!

no I meant my family did

Welp glad it didn’t happen.
I go back to working on Chapter 8.

Yeah. Hoping for the best to you and your family. :+1: