Guilds as anime character #4 [Roselight Guardians]

I just finish 4 guilds i know some information about, i plan to do spellbreakers or noble next. unfortunately i don’t have good knowledge on the top guilds, or the guilds in general. you can put the info in the reply or just massage me if you got some interesting guild info.


makes anime series based off of guilds

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Hell yeahh

It’s Hetalia all over again, oh no what have you done

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rose magic maybe?

ayo wom hetalia???

Image if i start making comic and start shipping guild like noble and suncry lmao.

do it coward

I’m preparing my speed drawing reflexes

ship fanart time


stop being good at hands aaaaaaaa
even if you just drew one and flipped it horizontally

She’s kinda hot ngl
I’m not horny guys

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top 3 hot anime babes

i am number 1 right?

Suncry x Roselight :fr:



Holy crap this is actually really really good those hands ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

No, I am :fr:

I’m speedrunning being on their kill list