Guilds will be removed?

I mean, i need to recreate it in AO?


Yes I don’t see how that’s a problem if you get your members to help make it with currency donations assuming it’s currency

  • you need to recreate your guild in ao (not a problem)
  • you will need to reinvite your members (also not a problem)
  • you will need to farm back the guild bank if you had one (moreover, not a problem)

and gain your infamy back (not a problem if you had none)

Just I was going to create a guild, I even drew a logo but I found out that the guilds will be wiped.


No guilds are being wiped as in reset. You’ll still be able to create a guild in AO

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bro lookin like a burger :skull:

Guilds will be removed?

This would be the perfect thing to bump a guild topic that’s over a year old with