Gun Point

Seeing that Cursebeard murdered all the other gods, did he just hold Poseidon at gunpoint to join the One Shot Pirates?

pretty much
or he joined them because he didnt wanna die too idk

It can easily be said that Poseidon is a far more intelligent individual than all of the other Greek gods.

He successfully kept himself alive simply by not pissing off the guy that murdered the rest of his family. Rather opting to join up with them and basically take over everything, while he couldn’t rule the entire ocean anymore, he could certainly take the #2 position for that.
However, he failed to realize that he is Poseidon and could have straight up executed Cursebeard at any time after the world ending blast since he was at a powerful position simply by splashing him… or using his god powers to just ever-so-casually drop an entire sea on his head while he’s asleep.

Consider that Cursebeard has a God Killing Method

He’s not going down without a fight

however, you see.

Yeah when he lived this far, he gotta be smarter than that

or maybe not who knows lol

Who said Poseidon liked the other gods?

Nobody said that, but he still didn’t piss off the guy that brutally murdered the rest of his family.

No? Do you think the entire 100 year war was purely fought by Cursebeard?

You think Cursebeard was like AA hitler genociding all gods or some shit?

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