Gunpowder Barrels in AO

@Cryonical off topic long conversation :moyai:

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Hover would be funny with this combo

i mean, iirc arcanium is just metal mixed with magic-polluted salt from the ocean, Vetex could just say “yeah we mixed gunpower and magic-polluted salt and now we have this abomination” if he wants to add it

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why did walter white appear in my head after reading this

the real reason why we dont have plant magic is because the world of arcane is not yet ready for the power of weed and meth

most people: can’t wait to become a chef profession!

meanwhile the cook profession:

I demand a funny weed joke when we get the level cap to level 420 (I’m such a comedic genius I know)

False, walter would 100% be an alchemist

you do make a point :thinking:


can i really break bad in the arcane odyssey!!!??? :scream:

:crystal_magic_var3: :poison_magic_var1: :iron_magic_var1:

add that with alchemist profession


that’s horrific realistically ngl

YOU :index_pointing_at_the_viewer::rage:

imagine mircomodding smh

actually unbased moment moose I thought you were cool

now you’re just mid :pensive:

i woke up and there is a topic on gunpowder barrels
never change forums…

I’m going to create a minefield around the Grand Navy island

dwarf fortress:

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isn’t that kinda just napalm

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Dude imagine all the shinanigans

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Thanks @Divanochi ong :pray: sorry I haven’t been more active


it’s forgivable sometimes need to rest