Gunpowder Barrels in AO


Imagine if flight was still in the game and somebody found a glitch where you can place barrels in people.


carpet bombing magic users imagine



ooh gunpowder in AO

I’ve been thinking about making a gun file but i dunno what stat boosts guns.

weapons right?

also what’s a pure weapon build called

guns are weapons my man

also its warrior build

man first we got british npcs and now we can become americans

I can’t wait till some guild goes on a fuckin expedition to get every single gunpowder barrel onto one skyship then sail it into some place or boss and just oneshot it


kamikaze sky ship strat where you bait people towards sky islands and fly low with sky ships filled to the brim with gunpowder barrels and drop them onto em

We need elemental barrels. I want a magma one for reasons.


ah yes defying the laws of logic

a barrel holding lava even though most barrels are made of wood


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ehh, its more fun to use sky ships to rain the explosives from above, since sky ships fall down and crash when at lower altitudes much like a plane might and that is a better surprise.

honestly now that I think about it it would be more legendary to see some massive clan war over one island then suddenly a skyship comes 9/11ing out of nowhere and kills most of the people fighting thanks to like 4 individuals who decided to go down in history

you’re gonna have to be extremely accurate with how you drop em if you want them to be effective

That gives me a drawing idea lmao


she hovers skyships above the clan war, but the value of the clan lives will fall. due to the forces of gunpowder, noone wants to survive cause there’s lots of numbers

step 1: you must take advantage of how our mind works, where we tend to fight in groups in one general area, for some reason. Hover your ship over the main clump of people fighting and wait unless you plan on diving in immediately. make sure you stockpile the barrels sky high till people can’t fire guns

step 2: you gotta make sure that the people don’t notice you, not at all or your plan can be ruined. make sure you’re up real high to make it harder to be seen unless you dive into the fight, and that you also try to keep your ship as aligned as possible with the mass till you know they’re just a fucking waste man

step 3: step 3 is the detonation, get ready to be firing. when your skyship runs out of energy, you must be quick and smart about it. charge a projectile if you are a mage at the perfected height such that it does not despawn and hopefully hits the barrels as the ship hits the ground. alternatively you can airstall then as the ship crashes shoot the explosives with a gun to detonate it, and then you may wish to run as raw violence seems to be a guild nerd’s sole quality

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Unless u just tryna go for complete terrain destruction like when an execution is happening or something

why did I feel the urge to write this like luigi telling himself about seashells

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I was thinking that the idea is to instead drop them ahead of the ships, making it so they explode as soon as the enemies ram into them

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Bro i was thinking the same thing lmao

please draw the entire step by step tutorial :pleading_face: