Guts from berserk

Hi I really want to be like guts from berserk, or someone cool and doesn’t use magic, the reason for that is I am bad at ranged and aiming and I often use trackpad, and also I think it is cool to not use magic like everyone else does. So, what should I do to become like guts. I don’t know if I should do berserker, warlord, or warrior.

You can either be a Warrior build (all points in weapons) and use a greatsword as your main weapon, or be a Warlord (weapons + strength) and hope that a giant heavy sword is added as a strength weapon

what about berserker? is that good?

Berserker revolves around only fighting styles rather than weapons, so if you’d prefer to be more of a melee user than that’s a route you can go

gus has gotta be the #1 most cosplayed character in video games

Im just like guts from berserk. I had a hard life. I struggle with calc 2.

Every route needs aiming so you might wanna go like Warlord, Warlock, or Conjurer to get big attack sizes especially with slightly attack size oriented armor stats

I suggest Warrior or Knight w/ Great Sword, Great Axe, and maybe Argos’ halberd

i think lion’s halberd is a strength weapon

Strength weapons use both stats

yeah but how would you equip it

Does it require strength to equip?

If so then it could be swapped for another weapon ig


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Warlord could work then. Fighting style could be Basic or Cannon Fist.

yeah, im going warlord for lion’s halberd too since its one of the biggest axes i have found so far

Based, I also plan on having a Guts file

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warlord is the way to go

according to testers it’s currently unviable

Damn bro same :handshake:

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