Guys gonna try to face godir?

I fought him before, felt like every other skilled player I’m fighting

i dont even know this guy


Lmao people already saying they don’t know the guy, and I agree with that


oh i know the guy

ayo godir is pretty good no cap, he mega chill too

Who is Godir?

Well, pretty much suncry was beaten a lot so I don’t think Godir is not really the best pvp in game (Not Yet), months later there will be other pvpers to face whats on there adventures

Seems like a cool guy.

suncry got beat a lot, name who they got beat by a lot :bruh:

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godir is literally the best pvper in WoM wtf

uh huh…

I don’t buy it, this reeks of Noufles type stuff :fr:

hail Lord Noufles btw :pray:


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