Guys i got the sand curse

imagefind someone else from a movie with a curse

THICK highlight

not a movie, but juvia from fairy tail has the water curse

the rupin torch
The Human Torch: 20 Things Only Real Marvel Fans Know About His Body

magma curse

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I guess now everyone is gonna put literally every devil fruit on here

but like litteraly every single devil fruit is like a curse ngl. except like plasma or glass or ash

this is probably pushing the logic a little but wouldn’t the smoke fruit count as this?

there is actually a plasma fruit but I think it’s non-canon

ewwww one piece

That’s a ripoff of Pirates of the Caribbean, but everyone has superpowers

who would ever watch that

I don’t watch anime
heard a lot of people talk about it tho
and I tried blox fruits (it’s not fun either)

i wasted my entire playing blox fruits and getting to max level.

I will say, i wasted 3 weeks of my life for nothing. the shits boring now

yeah same
but I quit at 750 ;-;

i got max lvl and maxed out almost everything… pain and suffering never playing again

i know the feeling bro

I found a guy with explosion curse. I think the movie name was Oppenheimer

check this out

I found the poison curse too

Light Curse

Mario has encountered multiple curses