Guys is freedrock dead D:

I mean it’s pretty obvious it was the lazarus curse unless im forgetting another experimental curse.
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caesar died before aa starts

I mean we don’t exactly know if it IS the Lazarus curse, this could be many number of experimental curses that can do this or possibly can do it in different ways

Knowing freedrock’s case, he has died many times and has resurrected multiple times with his memories still intact, only that he just a depressed person now due to his immortality due to the lazarus curse.

Not to mention freedrock has died many times, his power increasing with the golden ratio. If freedrock was a boss, we’d most likely die unless lore changes.

In Caesar’s case it might’ve been those undead-resurrection type things like for example, ramses revival by durza
or other whatever things

But he isn’t 100% immortal, I’m pretty sure his chances of being revived get smaller every time he dies if i’m correct so maybe he simply got unlucky for one of those deaths

yes, but freedrock specifically never loses because he’s just like that

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understandable :+1:

I’m unsure if this is canon but Freedrock has technically died over 400 times :sob:
his luck ain’t ever running out soon

heard like random theories that freedrock curse was “modified” or something but that’s possibly not true

or its pure luck

New theory freedrock is dream :nod:

I’m pretty sure it’s canon that the gods gave lazarus to freedrock because he was cursed with perfect luck, and the gods were having some fun