Guys is this rare? (joke)

and i only have 60 fish caught

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You’re about to be welcomed to the club

Which sunken?

that’s what I’m saying bro I wanna trade


i dont CARE if something good happen to YOU i want it for MYSELF

jk jk welcome to the forum m8 :3

warrior leggings

thankey thankey !!

dont let anyone trade them off you until you know the true value

It’s worthless because it’s capped at level 130 so you can trade it to me for 2 galleons

I’ll buy for 1k

ill give 40 legendary scales

I’ll give dse

Ill give you a boot (legendary)

Ill give a seasonal gg

I’ll give 2

Lit bro overpaying its over…

no its not
give it to me

yo so can I buy for 2 seasonals