Guys who wins?!?! (AU lore)



first one bec he’s a statue and doesn’t have a brain :nerd_face:

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Who wins
Durza who will instantly die if submerged in the ocean
God of the ocean who controls the ocean

Wait he dies when submerged in the ocean?!?!

Hes a curse user

Curse users can be killed so easily?

More powerful ones have more violent reactions to seawater
Thats why morock fucking exploded

I don even know who morock is. :skull:
My AA knowledge is nothing

Basically, he was a legendary pirate who wielded the promethean flame curse and had the power to rival Arthur

Arthur as in King Arthur?

who wins



an invisible pink unicorn

Can a water magic user just fire a water blast at a curse user to kill them?

Yeah pretty much, except he’s a major douchebag in the AU

Damn. Does he still have the excalibur?

No, but he did have 4 curses

Can you have multiple curses active at the same time?

but he didn’t have an invisible pink unicorn :pensive:


Wait, what happens if you have a water curse and fire curse?

Nothing really happens, you just have both curses