Hadeon - Apocalypse bringer


Forgot to add the trello sorry:

Hadeon - Apocalypse bringer en Forgotten adventures | Trello

So edgy…

I used to use photoshop for my drawings but that program died a while ago, so I had to switch to clip studios which seems to be giving some cool results, I’ll just stick to this program from now on I guess.

Now, the next thing I want to do is to try doing a comic in here, so which should I make?

  • The regret of the priest - Part 2 (Adalet’s backstory)
  • The beauty and the beast (Stella & rotsu backstory)
  • Cold nights (Isa & Keiran backstory)

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Additionally as a random poll suggested by my sister, if Aldalet and Hadeon fought on a duel, who would win? :frhigh:

  • Adalet (Aether light)
  • Hadeon (Apocalypse bringer)
  • Tie

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@ThatOneGuy the day has come, my lord

less OC and more apocalypse bringer :poggers2:


Apocalypse bringer! Apocalypse bringer! Apocalypse bringer!

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i love it cmon bro its my favorite magic + its like my principal character of my history ( yes, he have apocalypse bringer + explosion magic ) :nod:

A masterpiece

I will have order

the magic circle is sick af! don’t know how you do them but all magic circles i have seen from you are very very epic :flushed:


Themks, glad you like them :frhigh:

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